Why should I use VPN?

Internet is a very dangerous place. It’s like a jungle full of predators who are constantly poaching to intercept and process as much of your private data as possible. Did you know that anyone with basic computer skills can download and use free software such as Wireshark or Ethereal to access your network traffic?

Imagine what would you do, if someone knew full history of your web searches and sites visited? What if that evil person decided to use this knowledge against you, or just for fun published your Internet history to the public? This may sound to you like something totally unreal, but be sure that this horrific nightmare can easily become very true.

Virtual Private Network secures all your wired and wireless traffic by establishing an encrypted tunnel between your device and remote VPN servers. When your data enters the VPN tunnel it is always hidden from others by encryption protocols. Furthermore your true internet IP address is also hidden from the public which provides you a strong layer of identity protection.

Is it legal?

Of course it is. Privacy is one of your basic human rights and there is nothing illicit in communicating securely and anonymously whenever you do it face to face, over the phone or on the Internet. You must be aware that Internet Service Providers and other companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest) collect every possible piece of information about users, their habits and online behaviour. Big brother is there, collecting big data. If you don’t want to be defenseless anymore then VPN Gun is here to help.

Be safe on public WiFi

Public WiFi hotspots offers no security to its users. Tools such as Firefox Tamper Data plugin or Evil Twin phony hotspot allow everyone to intercept your communication. Your signal can be broadcasted for unwelcome intruders without your consent and knowledge. Use VPN Gun to prevent your data from being hijacked!

Avoid Censorship

There are jurisdictions that want to decide what you can and what you can’t do or write on the Internet. This refers not only to so called "Third World countries" but also to highly developed countries of the western world. Reclaim your right to speak freely with our service.

Bypass blockades and firewalls

Due to certain copyright agreements streaming media providers cannot broadcast all content outside the country of their jurisdiction. With VPN Gun you can manipulate your device’s IP address to appear like you are surfing from wherever our servers are located. Overcome geographic restrictions to enjoy unfiltered access to content that you love.

No log policy

It is essential to choose a VPN provider that you can trust and in this business of privacy you can only trust the provider who keeps no logs of your online activity. As we don’t store any of your logs, we don’t have anything to pass to the governments even if we are ordered to do so.